Kopin has been active in informal and formal education for over ten years, providing activities, resources, training, networking and other learning opportunities to children, youth and adults.

We focus on development and human rights education and have an interest in experiential learning and action-oriented learning that places the learner as the main protagonist of her or his own learning experience.

Through various projects financed by the European Commission (Development Cooperation Instrument; Erasmus+) as well as other initiatives, over the past years, Kopin has been providing educational opportunities on topics related to human rights and sustainable development, such as food security, forests, climate change, migration and different cultures, healthy eating and lifestyles, and agriculture.

Activities include in-school/in-class activities, community awareness raising events, seminars, webinars, workshops, conferences, teachers’ training, international learners’ and educators’ exchanges and more. We offer tools such as lesson plans, educational apps and activity proposals; professional development and training sessions for schools; and other resources, including topical experts and materials.

Furthermore, Kopin offers vocational education activities, such as food handling courses for refugees and child minding training courses for women.

Kopin is a partner of various national and international educational institutions, organisations and schools, of the Ministry for Education and Employment and of a number of faculties and institutes at the University of Malta. Furthermore, Kopin is an accredited provider of informal educational services.