Why Support Our Work?

Supporting our organisation will mean that you can contribute to changing peoples’ lives!

You can support us in many ways – by means of donations, in-kind contributions, volunteering and promotion of our work with your peers.

All of our work is non-profit. Our programmes rely on the voluntary commitment of dedicated members, as well as on the work of professionals, thanks to the financial support from donors such the EU and the UN, and through private & corporate sponsors.

To be able to operate effectively and not only to sustain our services but also to expand them, Kopin is asking you to become a sponsor, a partner…a FRIEND of our organization. You will want to know what you are supporting – and rightly so.

Kopin will provide you with detailed reports, accounts, photos and videos concerning the programmes which you are sponsoring through our social media.

As a volunteer with us, you will receive training and then be part of a hands-on experience that will very likely change your life besides that of the persons you will help. But we offer more: if you are a corporate donor, we will publicly appreciate your CSR support, both in Malta and internationally, so the world will know that you are part of Kopin’s experience and success. Moreover, we offer training and volunteering opportunities on human rights issues to company employees so that staff members can experience first-hand what their company is supporting.

Other ways to Support our Work


You can also support us by buying Never Arrive, a book written by the young refugee Farah Abdi about the experience of migrating to Europe from Kenya and published by Kopin. If you are interested, get in touch with us on [email protected]

Proceeds support our projects and the author of the book.