On Monday 12th November, the Kopin team organised an info-session to present the outputs of two European projects. The session, which took place at Dar l-Ewropa, in Valletta, was open to Heads of school departments, teachers, youth workers, but also NGO workers and volunteers active in the field of migration and sustainable development.

The half-day event was aimed at promoting two of the projects that Kopin has been implementing during the past year.

The InterCap project focuses on the topics of sustainability, migration and the Sustainable Development Goals. The main goal of the project is to produce and provide trainings for present and future teachers about the links between migration and sustainable development, in order to make it easier for them to introduce the topics in their teaching activities.

During the session the participants were presented the main objectives of the project and also the different training modules offered.

The participants showed great interest in the overall project and especially in the training options offered to them.

The second part of the morning, focused on the project PAPYRUS. The main objective of the project is to empower youth workers working with young migrants and refugees by providing them with innovative tools to share and acquire knowledge about migration, but also with resources that can be used in their educational activities.

In the session the main focus was on the methods described in these training modules and how can they be applied to a group. Through the practical engagement in two exercises, the participants were given the chance to experience first-hand how the training modules can be used. As experts in their field, they were also encouraged to express criticism and ideas to modify the methods.

The papyrus toolkits can be found here: https://papyrus-project.org/#trainingkit

Both projects received a positive feedback from the attending participants, making it clear that there is a strong interest and high demand for support linked to the topics of sustainability and migration. Kopin’s team was satisfied with the outcome and hopes to get a strong engagement in the upcoming training and other activities.

Article by Nina Jödicke

Photo by Tiziana Uliano