Project Description

Between January and April 2017, Kopin implemented the project “TEAM SD – Training Educators About Migration and SustainableDevelopment”

The aim of TEAM SD was to foster and promote with Maltese formal educational professionals, education that builds the notion global citizenship.

TEAM SD, and in collaboration with the Curriculum Department of the Ministry for Education and Employment, Kopin provided 86 participants each with 12 hours of training on issues related to education for sustainable development (EDS) and about migration.  The training sessions were concluded by a conference, in which participants discussed ideas, challenges and opportunities in continuing their professional development on the topics.

As is always the case with training organised by Kopin, this took on a participatory learning approach and a human rights based approach (HRBA).  The training programme was designed based on years of feedback from teachers and educators as well as from the MEDE’s curriculum experts.

The sessions were implemented by Dominik Kalweit and William Grech.

 The training resources can be downloaded here.

 This project was financed by means of a sub-grant provided by FOPSIM, under the call for grants “Education for Development Pilot Projects in Rural Areas, 2016” (European Commission)