Project Description

The Project

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The project was coordinated by European organisations actively involved in different sectors of Social and Solidarity Economy. These sectors include but are not limited to Fair Trade, Sustainable Consumption, Sustainable Production, Responsible Tourism, Decent work, Microcredit, Co-operative movement, Local economy, Solidarity food and agriculture systems, Corporate Social Responsibility. The project involved 46 territories across Europe and the majority world and 26 European Partners.

The objectives of SUSY were enhancing the social and solidarity economy networks in Malta and promoting a sustainable economic system where the focus is not just on profit-making.

Project Timeframe: 36 months

1st of February 2015- 31st of January 2018

Specific Objective:

The outcomes of this project provided benefits and a positive impact on the entire sector:

  • By raising awareness and promoting existing actors of social and solidarity economy in Malta
  • By achieving expertise and bringing together stakeholders both at local and European level
  • By easing the exchange of information and ideas and creating more occasion for collaboration between civil society, private and public entities.
  • By offering the opportunity to compare local and worldwide experiences in the field of alternative economic development

Key activities were:

  • Identification of good practices in the territory- Manikata Rural Cooperative
  • Speakers from Kenya visiting Malta to exchange ideas on social enterprises during CHOGM in November 2015
  • Participation in the World Fest edition of 2016
  • Participation in Valletta Film Festival (VFF) in June 2016 and June 2017
  • Dialogue-Oriented Workshop, which took place at Malta Enterprise in July 2016
  • Field Visit to Manikata Cooperative on 30th November 2016
  • Training organised to inform social enterprises on the progress of the project, on incentives and on how to run a more effective business throughout 2017

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