Project Description

Snapshot from the Borders – Small towns facing the global challenges of Agenda 2030

Duration: 22/10/2017 – 21/10/2020

We have a specific aim:
Strengthen a new horizontal, active network among cities directly facing migration flows at EU borders, as a way of promoting more effective policy coherence at all levels (European, national, local). The humanitarian and environmental crisis and the arrival of thousands of migrants is the crucial point to enhance the role of Local Authorities as global development actors.
We want to give a voice to all residents of border towns and encourage integration.
On this we are working with the Marsa Local Council!
The project intends to improve the critical understanding of European, national and local decision makers and of public opinion in general about global interdependence determining migration flows towards European borders. The migration phenomenon is re-shaping social and political geographies in a new fashion, raising a new debate on borders and requires to reconfirm the values that led to the foundation of the European Union.
At the heart of the our action are the voices and experiences (snapshots) from the borders and their broadest diffusion among European citizens. The voice of the real protagonists will travel from the periphery to the center, at the national and European level, where the decisions are made.
The project is based on 3 main Pillars
  • Campaigning: we intend to contribute to a European narrative which re-localizes the development discourse in the Mediterranean and at other European borders
  • Awareness: “Snapshots From The Borders” seeks to inform European citizens that migration is a complex and multidimensional phenomenon and a political issue which requires efforts to be made and concrete actions to be taken by people and organization/network at all levels of society.
  • Advocacy and networking: We want to implement a bottom-up approach in terms of capacity building, advocacy and network building, where the involvement of local decision making and stakeholders is valued for enabling the identification of real needs and goals in the migration and development debate.

Check out the projects facebook page or our Kopin page for more info on local project activities.