Project Description




Kopin, together with our long-term Ethiopian partner organisation Emmanuel Development Association (EDA), has just launched the project “ECCE Gelan”.


The overall aim of the project is to improve access to and the quality of early childhood education and enhance the capacity of the Gelan Primary School in Akaki Kality, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, by providing both infrastructure development and training.

In the partners’ continued effort to enhance the capacities for quality childcare and education in Akaki Kality, the extension to the school will provide a child-friendly environment to a higher cohort of children between the ages of four and six.

This will be providing the benefiting children with an improved cognitive foundation which, as research has shown, is crucial for the early development of children.

In fact, gap analyses and needs assessment in the area have shown that many of these children would otherwise not have any chance of accessing such a basic right and would therefore lose a fundamental stage in their educational development.

The school will be accessible to an extra 100 children, whilst the project will also improve the teaching and learning environment of the school.

Moreover, “ECCE Gelan” will increase the capacities of staff, members of the school’s Parent-Teacher Association, as well as of other school community members, with skills to mobilise more local resources.  Furthermore, EDA will also be providing training to the early childcare and education (ECCE) facilitators to deliver quality services to the children.


The project is being implemented between 4th June 2019 and 3rd June 2020 and has a total cost of €82,272.08 (app. ETB2.645mio). It is being co-financed with €58,268.70 (app. 71%) through Official Development Assistance (ODA) funds provided by the Maltese Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Trade Promotion (MFTP).