Project Description

In collaboration with its Italian partner CSV Marche, Kopin started implementing the project “No Profit #EUSkills”. The aim of the project is to improve the capacities of NGO professionals’ and volunteers in EU project development and management, networking, and other areas related to the field of social planning. Kopin hosts about three groups a year, coming from all parts of Italy and a variety of professional fields.  This makes the experience diverse and meaningful for both for us and the professionals visiting Malta.

Several field visits and meetings with a number of NGOs and Agencies working in different social spheres are organised, allowing participants to gain a unique insight into the work of civil society organisations in Malta – with specific attention given to those engaging in refugee support, environmental protection and sustainable development.

Moreover, the participants are provided with information about the social and educational systems in Malta, and familiarize themselves with the geography, politics and the economy of Malta through a non-formal approach.  They are also equipped with techniques for active participation in planning, preparation, management and evaluation.