Project Description

Interns & Volunteers 2016/2017

As in all years our team was very grateful to welcome many great volunteers and interns among us who enriched our work immensely and who offered their skills and capacities in contributing to our Vision and Mission.

Here’s some feedback we have received from our interns:

Why did you want to work with Kopin?

Johanna Wiest, Germany: “I wanted to do an internship connected to migration to Europe (especially from Sub-saharan Africa) in a Southern European country. Kopin answered my request right away. The contact was open and very friendly and the organisation seemed to be one of the most professional ones in Malta.”

Luke Theuma, US: “The first thing that impressed me about my work with Kopin was one of the primary things that had motivated me to apply in the first place: the superb energy of its staff that was illustrated with every decision they made. Their office was brimming with laughter and focus in equal measure, which motivated all of us to bring our best there each morning. The projects I had made me feel like I was doing my small part to make a difference in my home country. Also, their staff made me feel welcome, which I appreciated.”

Michael Cluett, Malta: “As a final-year European Studies student at the University of Malta I was asked to choose from a range of entities for a semester-long internship, which included a mix of government ministries, private enterprises and NGOs.  The issues championed by Kopin, such as human rights protection, social inclusion and sustainable development and economy, among others, align perfectly with my own views on the world.  Kopin’s reputation as one of Malta’s most professional organisations in the field convinced me that this is a place where I would gain invaluable first-hand experience before starting a Masters degree in Human Rights in London.”


What have you learnt?

Irene, Italy: “In general I learnt a lot about Human rights, sustainable economy and education, things that before I ignored. Now I’m able to set up an event, organize a workshop, follow a project – this internship gave me a strong base to grow up. I have understood what it means to work in a team, to become responsible about other people’s work and about what goes on in the office. If now I know what I want to do when I’ll grow up, it is just thanks to Kopin.”

Michael Thake, Austria: “It was important to transfer my own research and academic abilities into a real-life situation, and to also have the chance to use new mediums of dissemination. Other important aspects were formal writing to stakeholders, and also understanding how to best approach persons or institutions in writing and verbally. It was also important to have felt trusted by the team to head projects and manage workshops.”

Which message would you like to convey to others who may be interested in working with Kopin?

Denyse Degiorgio, Malta: “I strongly recommend the experience to anyone who is open-minded, interested in the field and would like to give back to the community.”

Ambra, Italy: “To be open to a young team with strong skills and with deep motivation from which you can learn a lot about different sectors in the social field.”

Luke: “Making a difference is challenging. It becomes slightly easier when you are surrounded by those willing to work together to make an impact on the world. Kopin is a warm, supportive, and excellent place from which to make that impact. The team also makes some delicious espresso, which is a perk.”
Michael C. : “The individuals who drive Kopin forward are passionate about what they do and realise that none of the challenges we face collectively can be solved without hard work and determination.  Working here teaches you about the realities of life inside an NGO, including all the unnoticed efforts that go on behind the scenes in the office.  For anyone wishing to translate their beliefs into tangible action, this is the job for you.”  


The above statements were taken from impartial intern reports in 2016-2017 and were in no way influenced or coerced through coffee or Sicilian sweets.