Project Description

“Ibda L-Bidla”: Training and Activities offered to Schools, Teachers and other Educators

Thanks to the project “Ibda L-Bidla”, we can offer free of charge a wide range of professional development training and classroom activities concerning issues related to sustainable development and migration, including the inclusion of foreign students in the formal educational setting.

Attention Teachers:  Please fill in our quick survey about what training and online activities for your students would be most useful for you. Many thanks in advance!

Training offers

Training will be offered in a whole-school setting (CoPE) or to a specific group of teachers and educators, ideally for between ten and 20 participants per group.  Schools, teachers and educators can choose to receive training on one or more of the topics, which are listed below in no particular order.  However, it is advised that, as a first module, “Migration and Development” is chosen, which provides relevant background knowledge and resources for all other modules.

The following training modules are being offered:

  • Module 1: Migration and Sustainable Development
  • Module 2: Hate Speech
  • Module 3: Islamophobia
  • Module 4: Multiculturalism
  • Module 5: Prejudice and Stereotypes
  • Module 6: Privilege and Disadvantage
  • Module 7: Racism

For further information, please download the ILB Programme here

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Activity offers

Besides training, we offer a wide range of age-adapted classroom activities, implemented through Kopin’s expert facilitators.

All activities relate to issues of migration, sustainable development and inclusion and will be delivered in the course of one scholastic hour.

These activities have been designed in alignment with the Learning Outcomes Framework (LOF) and fit within the syllabi of one or more of the following subjects:  Social Studies, Ethics, Geography, PSCD, Maltese, English, Environmental Studies, European Studies, Business Studies and Home Economics.

The following activities are being offered:

  • Activity 1: Discrimination (offered to students aged 11-18)
  • Activity 2: Prejudice, Stereotypes and Discrimination and Inclusion (for ages 10-14)
  • Activity 3: Fair Trade (for ages 9-16)
  • Activity 4: Food, Culture and Multiculturalism (for ages 8-14)
  • Activity 5: Is this my home? (for ages 5-9)
  • Activity 6: Sustainable Development: Mission Earth Intervention (for ages 9-12)
  • Activity 7: Sustainable Development Goals: Limited Resources and Taking Action (for ages 8-15)
  • Activity 8: Freedom of Movement and Passport Power (for ages 13-18)
  • Activity 9: Migration and the Sustainable Development Goals (for ages 11-18)
  • Activity 10: Inclusion (for ages 10-14)
  • Activity 11: Inclusion (for ages 15-18)
  • Activity 12: Oh the Places You Will Go! (for ages 9-12)

For further information, please download the ILB Programme here

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The project Ibda L-Bidla is being implemented by Kopin during the Scholastic Year 2019/20.  It is co-financed by the European Union, thanks to a sub-grant provided through the educational project “Start the Change”.