Project Description

The Project

Global Campus Development, the MDGs and beyond 2015: a European programme for global citizenship for university students.

GC_LogoGeneral overview

Global Campus is a development education and awareness raising project that targets the ‘interested majority’ (i.e. students from a wide range of disciplines who are not formally studying development but are interested and want to engage) in 13 university locations across four European countries and eight regions.

This project is being implemented by a consortium of NGOs, which consists of:
• Suas Educational Development, Ireland, as lead agency, and;
• CARDET, Cyprus, Südwind, Austria and Kopin, Malta, as implementing partners.

Global Campus takes a non-formal, global learning, experiential approach that aims to “empower students with knowledge, skills, values and attitudes desirable for world citizens to face global problems to become active social agents”. As such, it focuses on developing student competencies in addressing issues of global development through the use of learner-centred, participatory, dialogue-oriented and experiential methodologies.

Project time frame: 36 months (1 January 2013 to 31 December 2015)

Specific objectives

Key activities

The project takes into account that students have different interests, needs and availability at different points during their university experience, and seeks to meet students at the right juncture for them and to support them in progressively engaging with development through an integrated programme of activities that corresponds to different stages of participation and learning (increasing awareness – building critical understanding – taking informed, creative action).

Students, educators and other key stakeholders participate in the design and delivery of “Global Campus” as members of Multi-Stakeholder Programme Boards or implementers of activities. Students and educators are also supported to develop and implement other Global Learning initiatives on campus. In this way, this action also builds advocacy capacity for increased global learning at tertiary level, and addresses the limited practice of quality DE in tertiary education being delivered at present.