Project Description

Ejaji HIV / AIDS Programme
Strengthening HIV /AIDS care and support for the people of Ijaji (Ethiopia)

General overview
The project, which is funded by the Maltese Government through its Official Development Aid budget administered by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, seeks to adopt a participatory approach in providing holistic, effective and meaningful support mechanisms for those affected by HIV/AIDS in Ijaji.

There will be both direct and indirect beneficiaries (the latter being indirectly, yet positively affected, community members). The total number of direct beneficiaries is 250 households, numbering approximately 1250-1500 individuals; the number of indirect beneficiaries is 2700 households and approximately totalling 11,700 to 16,200 persons.

The project encompasses a comprehensive framework and also contains a strategy for sustainability and phasing out, ensuring empowerment and self-reliance of beneficiaries.

Project time frame: April 2015 to March 2016

Specific objectives

1. An improved living situation for persons living with HIV/AIDS who are engaged in income-generating activities.
2. Increased access to affordable and confidential HIV/AIDS care support and counselling services.
3. Effectively addressing psychological problems of the beneficiaries of the project.
4. Encouragement of self-reliance and individual empowerment to work and improve their own situation in a sustainable manner.

Key activities

The objectives of the project will be achieved:
1. by means of palliative care; and
2. through care and support for orphans and vulnerable children.

Palliative care will be provided by creating awareness, providing skill training and start-up capital. Orphan and child care will focus on training care providers, as well as the provision of educational and social support for the minors.