What does it take to be a successful entrepreneur?

On Thursday 12th October, at the University of Nicosia in Cyprus, Kopin Malta and its partners launched the EntrInnO online game.

EntrInnO – Online Game for Entrepreneurship and Innovation is an online game that will equip young adults with knowledge and skills to set up an enterprise. The game, available online for free, has been developed by a consortium of nine European countries, and is based on focus group analysis and research about similar tools available in the countries. It is also based on entrepreneurial learning and teaching.

The game is structured in different stages, simulating the different thinking processes behind the setting up of an enterprise. Each stage has its own list of tasks, which guides and keeps track of the progresses the user is making. The available tasks are different: from quizzes to watching videos, to simulating Human Resource selection processes, all with the aim of simulating to run a successful enterprise.

The game has been tested with young adults and interested parties in Malta throughout the summer. The Kopin team have gathered feedback and criticism about the design, contents and usability of the platform. The feedback was very positive, with users praising this innovative and interactive way of learning.

The launching conference has been an opportunity for Kopin and its partners to discuss the potential gamification in education, as gaming can facilitate learning process and memory.

During a testing session, Dr Refalo from Creolabs stated that “The interest for such games is huge. Games like this are here to stay! The next step is to reach a younger audience”. This is a good way to explore stimulating learners of a young age to think about starting an enterprise, ideally one that has a social objective and has a wider community benefit.

Link to Game: http://entrinno.org/game/